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Depending on your lifestyle, the type of work you do, your daily habits or the
type of rehabilitation, you will need one physiotherapy treatment or another.

Motion Active program

To improve your physical condition

Bespoke fitness therapeutic programme led by specialist physiotherapist. +info


RESTART therapeutic program

Back to activity

Indicated for people who want to start in the practice of physical activity or for those who had been inactive during confinement and want to improve their mobility to return to normal. +info


People affected by Covid-19 program

Improve your vital condition

To treat respiratory and musculoskeletal sequelae derived from the disease, negative consequences of physical inactivity and to reduce possible complications. +info


Manual Lymphatic Drainage program

Treatment of lymphatic-venous disorders

Detect, assess, prevent and comprehensively treat all those lymphatic-venous disorders such as: venous edema, lymphatic edema, post-surgical edema, post-traumatic edema, etc.


Neck pain/Low back pain

Pain treatment

For patients suffering from mechanical neck and low back pains.


Trauma injury rehab

Injury rehabilitation

Post-surgery rehabilitation, post fracture rehab, ligaments sprains, knee and shoulder pains, joint replacement.


Sports injuries

Massage and sports rehabilitation

Assist in pain relief, aid muscle recovery, functional performance, muscle and joint flexibility, and healing of injuries.



Therapeutic relaxing massage

Designed to reduce and eliminate stress.


Age-related pains

Motor maintenance

For degenerative and age-related pains that limits a person's activities of daily living.


Neuro and Stroke rehabilitation

Neurological rehabilitation

For patients who have chronic neuro disease or suffered partial or complete paralysis after a stroke.


COPD and Respiratory care

Improves respiratory function

For people who have chronic or ongoing lung disease.


Therapeutic Pilates program

Therapeutic program

Form of physical exercise that focuses on posture, core stability, balance, control, strength, flexibility, and breathing (Pilates Method) +info



Meet our team of
registered physiotherapists.

In good hands

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Do you have any questions? Here you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions.

We’ve introduced even more safety measures

To be booked your physiotherapist will:

  • Have completed our new training course dedicated to Covid-19 hygiene practices.
  • Wear a FFP2/KN95 face mask for travel to, from and during your treatment.
  • Wear disposable, latex-free gloves during your treatment, for older people and people with pre-existing medical conditions.
  • Wash their hands thoroughly immediately before and after your treatment.
  • Avoid public transport when possible by using private vehicles and sticking local.
  • Undertake other treatment-specific measures including intensive disinfecting of all equipment.
  • You’ll need to wear your own mask. We know it might feel a little strange the first time you wear one at home, but by doing so, you’re helping keep our whole community safer. We also ask that you wash your hands immediately before treatment, after you let your physiotherapist into your home.

    Can we go to your house?

    Our PRIORITY IS PROTECTING YOUR HEALTH in light of the coronavirus outbreak.

    With the new work protocols constantly updated so that our service is carried out in complete safety for the health of the patient and the physical therapist, we will only attend to:

      ● Asymptomatic or non-infected patients.
      ● Patients who are not quarantined due to having close contact with a positive case or COVID-19 suspect.
      ● Patients who have overcome the disease and have spent more than 21 days since discharge.

    We will always act under the premise of assuming that “both the physiotherapist and the patient are infected ” to act with the utmost prudence.

    As an alternative to face-to-face care, try our innovative service of remote video consultation online

    How can I request an invoice for the service provided?

    72 hours from booking, you can request and download the invoice for the service provided through your private area in “My bookings – Booking history“. In this invoice we will indicate the date and time of the service, the physiotherapist who attended you and his member number, and the corresponding amount.

    Safety and Trust

    More than 15,000 people have already trusted our home service and enjoy personalized physiotherapy treatments without having to wait or travel, being able to reconcile their health and personal care with their work, social and family commitments. In just 1 minute you can make your reservation online with any of our Physiotherapists and enjoy at home, on the same day and in less than two hours from the reservation, a Physiotherapy service as you had never imagined and with the highest health guarantees.

    URBAN FISIO ensures that every Physiotherapist is certified, insured and registered with the Colegio Profesional de Fisioterapeutas (HCPC) and meeting the minimum requirement to practice. That means they’ve got a four-year degree programme under their belt, and a minimum of a thousand hours of clinical training. You’re in good hands.

    When hiring our physiotherapists we also take into account their human quality, so that the service is as pleasant as possible. Furthermore, at UrbanFisio we are committed to permanent employment as a source of well-being and prosperity for the society. That is why 90% of our physiotherapists are permanent staff.

    What forms of payment are accepted?

    You can make the payment of your reservation in the way that is more comfortable for you:

    Contactless preferred payment method – By debit or credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Maestro): your bank must have previously enabled your card for online payments. After entering your card details, your bank will usually require an additional level of security, and you will need to enter the password received via SMS message or a coordinate if you have a coordinate card.
    Through PayPal: you must have an account in this online payment system.

    In Cash: paying directly to the Physiotherapist, once he shows up at your home. If you are not going to have the exact amount of the reservation, please inform us in advance so that we can give you the change at the time.

    In case of any incident or doubt in the payment process, contact our customer service team at 911 238 934 and we will offer you a solution.

    Do you have Physiotherapy packages?

    Yes, we have Physiotherapy packages at a discounted price depending on your needs:

    – 5-pack of 60-minute physiotherapy sessions.
    – 10-pack of 60-minute physiotherapy sessions.
    – 10-pack of 90-minute physiotherapy sessions.

    Another advantage of the packages, besides its discounted price per session, is its flat rate (same price from Monday to Sunday)

    You can sign up for a Physiotherapy package at the following link. You will have to login with your account (user and password) or sign up as a new user. You can pay the package by credit/debit card. The package will be assigned to your user account and the following reservations will be charged against it.

    All sessions must be used within 12 months from the date of receipt.

    Cancellation or modification of the reservation made with a package is free of charge, as long as you notify us at least 24 hours in advance of the reservation time.

    Billing information
    The Physiotherapy package is a form of prepayment that we offer customers who wish to save. Its payment does not imply the provision of a health service, so we do not issue an invoice at the time of buying the voucher, but when each of the reservations included in the package has actually been made.

    I’m pregnant, can I get the treatment?

    Congratulations! If you are pregnant you can receive physiotherapy treatment from the fourth month of pregnancy, provided you have the medical consent to be treated. To do this we need you to have a medical report from your gynaecologist, GP or emergency doctor before the session in which the physiotherapy treatment is expressly authorised. In case of any doubt, please contact our customer service team at 911 238 934 and we will inform you.

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