About us

We want you to enjoy as a child.

UrbanFisio is the new way to experience and book a personalized and quality Physiotherapy service at home. For us Physiotherapy is quality of life and we want everyone to live fully as when we were children.

Miguel De Santiago

Miguel de Santiago

Irma Gutiérrez

Irma Gutiérrez

UrbanFisio Team

UrbanFisio Team

Ana Gallo

Ana Gallo

Nicko Folgueras

Nicko Folgueras

Alejandro Arroyo

Alejandro Arroyo

Decalogue of UrbanFisio

Our 10 rules for happiness.


We don't have customers, we have people. We want to listen and take care of people.


We want to be authentic. We believe in passion at work.


We want UrbanFisio to be a brand with a conscience. We want to have a positive impact on society.

Light bulb

We want that just naming UrbanFisio ignites the illusion of improving the quality of life.


We want to give people security and we will try to do everything possible to make them better.


We want to be humble. The big rivers are under the little ones.


We want UrbanFisio to excite WOW!!


We want to be generous. We believe that if you're generous you collect generosity.


We want to enhance the value and visibility of the physiotherapist's profession.


We want our physios to be proud to be part of a profession oriented to others and to be part of UrbanFisio.