Preparation guide

UrbanFisio puts you in touch with a physiotherapist you can trust. Our service is entirely therapeutic.  The physiotherapist will come to your home with the massage table and the needed material for the session.

Just after booking – Check the details:
Make sure your address is correct, and double check you’ve booked the right treatment.

Before starting the session
– We recommend that you have at least two large towels and one small one ready. These will be used for the massage table and to cover your body.
– Prepare an area of 2×2 meters to be able to mount the massage table.
– Think about any recent allergies or injuries that the physiotherapist may be aware of, and will ask about during the initial consultation.
– Try to make the environment comfortable and quiet.

Upon arrival of your UrbanFisio
– Your UrbanFisio will arrive on time, so make sure you are at home, in your hotel room or in the office at the time of booking. In the rare case that the physiotherapist arrives late, you will be notified by the customer service team or by the physiotherapist directly.
Please show the Physiotherapist where you want to receive the treatment so that they can prepare the massage table, and the toilet so that they can wash their hands.
Your physiotherapist will ask you a few simple questions to establish a physiotherapy diagnosis and to complete a consultation form so they can tailor your treatment to your needs. Please let them know about any injuries or allergies you may have.
– The physiotherapist will then go outside so that you can undress in privacy and return to the room once you are ready.

During the session
– Feel free to communicate with the UrbanFisio about the treatment and any sensation of pain or dizziness you may have.
– Do not hesitate to ask the physiotherapist to explain the treatment protocol and the number of sessions he estimates to solve your problem.

After the session
– After receiving the treatment it is advisable to drink water, not to smoke or drink alcoholic beverages for the next two hours. The body needs to eliminate toxins and hydrate itself. Depending on your body’s response, you may experience discomfort during the next 24-48 hours.
– In case of injury or rehabilitation, the UrbanFisio will give you guidelines to follow for your recovery.
– And depending on your lifestyle, the UrbanFisio will recommend the frequency of your sessions.
– Please make an assessment of your UrbanFisio. If you are not completely satisfied with the treatment, please contact our customer service team.

It’s easy to rebook the same physiotherapist for another day – they can do it for you through their app, or you can do it through the website.

The UrbanFisio Code
Practitioner and customer safety is our top priority. UrbanFisio’s services are strictly professional. Please treat your practitioner with respect. We have a zero-tolerance policy towards suggestive or inappropriate behaviour. 

Find us online all over Spain from 10am to 2pm to help you from home.