Remote video consultation

Urban Connect

Urban Connect is our innovative online video consultation and remote rehabilitation service. This digital solution has scientific evidence in evaluating and managing injuries. (BMJ Open Sport & Exercise Medicine, 2019)

We use technology to increase the accuracy of our diagnosis and the effectiveness of our treatments. You can choose between 60-minute bookings for a full initial assessment and 30-minute for follow-up consultations.

Our Physiotherapist will be able to have eyes on you throughout your consultation, which enables them to provide expert advice, guided exercise and feedback, to ensure you are continuing to meet your rehabilitation goals.

Urban Connect
Urban Connect

Benefits of remote video consultation

Frequently asked questions

What do I need for the session?

You can check it in getting ready for your online session.

Is it necessary to download an application?

No, to use Urban Connect you do not need to download any application. You just have to sign up as a customer on our website and make the reservation. A few minutes before the session time, we will send you by SMS a link with to join the session.

What do I do if I don’t receive the SMS to join the session?

Contact our customer service at 911 238 934 and we will help you solve the problem.

Can I use a physiotherapy package as a payment method for an Urban Connect session?

Yes, for 60 minute sessions.

Why is the online video consultation useful?

Although your Physiotherapist will not be able to provide “hands-on” therapy within the online session, they will be able to provide specialist assessment and analysis of your movement patterns. They will provide individualised treatment plans, which may include things such as exercises, stretches, self-massage techniques, provide specialist feedback and recommendations. Our physiotherapists can also work with you, your carers and/or loved ones in your household, to provide education and training on how they can support you with your rehabilitation at this time.