Physiotherapy for people affected by Covid-19

Improving your quality of life is our main goal and so we have developed this therapeutic package with the idea of ​​improving your vital condition if you have been affected by Covid-19.

Our PT with expertise in therapeutic exercise and respiratory physiotherapy will help you to improve your physical condition and your respiratory capacity and function.

Who is it for:

Therapeutic modalities:

With this posCovid package you get:

Physiotherapy for people affected by Covid-19

Frequently asked questions

How do I prepare for the first session?

Collect all medical reports and diagnostic tests that are relevant to the session. Your personal physiotherapist will contact you by phone to record your relevant personal and clinical history and your state of evolution regarding the Covid-19. Depending on your situation, the treatment will be face-to-face or by remote video consultation.

If I suspect to have had Covid-19 but currently have no symptoms, can I receive face-to-face treatment?

If you cannot provide a medical report discharging you of the disease, at least 21 days must pass so that we can attend you in person at your home.

How often should I receive the treatment?

Your personal physiotherapist will indicate the recommended number of weekly sessions and the duration of the programme depending on your current state of health, tolerance to exercise load and your objectives. After each session, he/she will indicate a series of exercises that you can do at home to complete the treatment.

If I have respiratory sequelae or previous respiratory diseases, will I be treated by physiotherapists with expertise in respiratory physiotherapy?

We do have experts in respiratory physiotherapy. With this package, you can receive respiratory treatment and perform aerobic and strengthening exercises in the same session, with intensities adapted to your physical condition.